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Postal Employee Unions

NALC/Letter Carriers:

Also referred to as Mailmen or Mail Carriers: they are the most recognizable postal employee. They are the ones you will see in the typical "letter carrier" uniform. Letter carriers are paid an hourly rate to perform their duties, and they are usually driving a highly recognizable postal owned vehicle.

NRLCA/Rural Carriers:

Also referred to as "The Post office on wheels": they are not as recognizable as the "Letter Carrier" because they often drive privately owned vehicles and wear "civilian" clothes. Rural Carriers usually deliver in less populated areas, and are often mistaken for contract carriers.

NPMHU/Mail Handlers:

Mail Handlers and mail processors often work at night to prepare mail to send to the carriers for delivery. Work is physically strenuous for mail handlers and they often load and unload trucks full of mail..


Clerks sort and case all classes of mail. Clerks also work the counters in post offices, handling customers needs. The APWU respresents several types of employees. Depending on their occupation, APWU members belong to the Clerk, Maintenance, Motor Vehicle, or Support Services divisions.